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Macaw Parrots

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Adorable pair of Scarlet Macaw Parrots and lovely pair of Hyacinth Macaw Parrots. We love to cuddle up and give parrot jokes. We are waiting for that perfect partner to take me home and make me part of your family. We will be up to date on my vaccinations before coming home to you, so we can play as soon as I get there. We are very excited about meeting my new family, so please don’t make me wait too long!



Macaw Parrot

A brilliantly adorned parrot, the Scarlet Macaw Parrots and Hyacinth Macaw Parrots are truly a fantastic spectacle of color. Both of these parrots having a large amount of red in their feathering. The Scarlet Macaw is distinguished by the broad band of yellow feathers running across the middle of its wings, rather than the green band as seen on the Green Wing while the Hyacinth macaw has a pure blue feathers.

You have searched far and wide for a parrot this amazing and it seems that your search has finally ended. They are the kind of parrot that you will only come across once in your lifetime, so you can’t let the chance to take him home slip through your fingers. They are loving, sweet, smart, and if all of that doesn’t convince you, then just look at his adorable face!

They come with;
*DNA test
*CITES certificate
*Current veterinary certificate
*Health certificate
*Hatching Certificate
*Care Sheet/Fact Sheet
*Diet Sheet

Temperament on macaw Parrot

Macaws are playful and active, and they have exuberant personalities that match their size. A well-cared-for macaw that receives appropriate nutrition, mental stimulation, enrichment, attention, and plenty of space for exercise makes a unique, long-lived companion that is affectionate and loyal.

However, their size and personalities can also make them challenging pets. Macaws that are not regularly handled or have hormonal imbalances, drastic environmental changes, or lack of mental stimulation can become aggressive, territorial, destructive, and problematic.

It is best to start training these intelligent birds from birth. Early training should focus on hand-feeding, not nipping or biting, no screaming, and eventually, teaching your bird to talk or sing. As you develop a rapport with your bird, you may even share jokes and enjoy various types of interactive play.

Speech and Vocalizations

Macaws are loud and noisy. Their vocalizations can be more than some people can tolerate, and they can scream when they want to. If you can’t deal with noise or if you have nearby neighbors, then a macaw is not your ideal pet.

They can learn to say words and mimic your speech, but they do not speak as clearly as some other pet bird species. However, with consistent training, the blue-and-gold is the best talking large macaw. The Hahn’s macaw is best talking mini macaw.


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