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Egg Incubators


Features List:

Digital LED display

Automatic egg turner

LED egg candler

Automatic temperature monitor

Movable dividers

Humidity channels

Egg tray

Heat preservation styrofoam

4 PCS automatic poultry drinking cup

Spray bottle

Best Price Poultry Egg Incubator Prices incubator temperature controller

Specification of Newest 96 Eggs Mini Egg Incubator with 264 Quail Eggs
[Working lifetime]: 6-8years
[Waranty]: 1year

[Voltage]: 110/220V Weight: 9 kg [Package size]: 55*54*35cm [Hatching rate]: More than 98% [Package details]: Carton with foam inside [Capacity]: Chicken eggs: 96
Duck eggs: 48
Quail eggs: 264
Goose eggs: 48

Advantages of New VA-96 Mini Egg Incubator:

**Egg tray with motor automatic turn eggs.

**Easy to operate.

**Motor: 1/240rpm motor

**Fan: 220v

**100% hatchrate

**Low noise, brushless fan (longer working life ).

One of the main features of this incubator is that it has full humidity control. It is fully integrated into the unit meaning that there is no separate pump that needs setting up or maintaining. With the pump being integrated, it means that the only external part that you need is a container for the water!


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