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Albino Murray River Turtles

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Albino Murray River Turtles for sale  (Emydura macquarii)

These are a very rare colour morph / colour variation Turtles, with only a few specimens that can be found anywhere in the world! Albino turtles should be provided with a lower output UVB producing fluorescent tube (no higher than a 5.0 /5% UVB) otherwise damage to their eyes may occur.

Albino Murray River Turtles (Emydura macquarii), native to the Murray-Darling Basin, are a rare variant of the typically dark-colored Murray River Turtle. Here are key points about their characteristics and biology:

Physical Description

  • Coloration: Albino Murray River Turtles lack melanin, resulting in a pale or white appearance with pinkish or reddish eyes. The absence of pigmentation can make their shell and skin appear almost translucent.
  • Size: Adult Murray River Turtles can reach a shell length of about 30 centimeters (12 inches), though albino specimens might experience different growth rates due to their condition.
  • Shell: Their carapace (upper shell) is usually streamlined and oval-shaped, but the albino variant’s lack of color can make it appear fragile and less camouflaged in their natural habitat.

Habitat and Distribution

  • Habitat: They inhabit the slow-moving rivers, streams, and lakes of the Murray-Darling Basin. The basin’s environment, with its muddy bottoms and abundant aquatic vegetation, provides shelter and food for these turtles.
  • Geographic Range: This species is predominantly found in southeastern Australia, including parts of New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.

Behavior and Diet

  • Behavior: Albino turtles, like their non-albino counterparts, are largely aquatic and prefer basking on logs or rocks near water. They are more susceptible to predation due to their conspicuous coloring.
  • Diet: They are omnivorous, feeding on a mix of aquatic plants, algae, invertebrates, and small fish. Their diet helps maintain the health of their aquatic ecosystems by controlling plant and animal populations.

Conservation and Challenges Albino Murray River Turtles

  • Conservation Status: The Murray River Turtle is not currently listed as endangered, but its habitat is threatened by pollution, water extraction, and habitat destruction. Albino individuals face additional survival challenges due to their visibility to predators and potential health issues associated with albinism.
  • Captive Care: Albino turtles often require specialized care when kept in captivity. They may need protection from direct sunlight due to their increased sensitivity to UV radiation, and a carefully managed diet to support their health.

Reproduction Albino Murray River Turtles

  • Breeding: Female turtles lay eggs in sandy or soft soil near water. The incubation period and sex of the hatchlings are temperature-dependent, a common trait among many turtle species.
  • Albino Offspring: Albinism in turtles is a genetic mutation that can be passed on if both parents carry the recessive gene. Albino offspring are rare and often need more care to thrive compared to their non-albino siblings.

Albino Murray River Turtles are fascinating due to their unique appearance and the genetic rarity of their condition. Their study provides insights into genetic diversity and the impacts of environmental changes on wildlife.

Mercury Vapour lamps should not be used under any circumstances. Albino turtles also need to be fed a wide variety of live foods and aquatic plants, but most importantly, good quality turtle pellets/sticks that are high in Calcium and vitamin D3. Higher doses of calcium and vitamin D3 will help to overcome the effectiveness of the lower UVB rays provided by the weaker 5.0 fluorescent light.

River sand and Calgrit, which is high in calcium and trace elements, is thoroughly recommended as the substrate mixture in an albino turtles’ tank. The Calgrit will help to prevent soft shell disease / metabolic bone disease.

Turtle salts should also be added to the water to prevent skin infection and promote general well-being.

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  1. Michelina Fedele from Oberhausen, Germany

    This was my first time ordering from backwater reptiles and I had a GREAT experience! First, they let me make changes to my order with no questions asked. They were extremely helpful with all my questions I had regarding the Turtles and snakes I was purchasing. When they arrived they were boxed up very well and very safe! They took very good care and pride in making sure I was getting active, healthy Turtles. My snakes were very active and ready to eat as well as my Turtles. I will be making more purchases in the future for sure!

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